Classical Philology

Jan Ziolkowski

Jan Ziolkowski

Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Medieval Latin

Research Interests: Medieval literature, especially narrative and Latin; education (grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic), poetics, and literary criticism and theory in the Middle Ages; folktales and popular culture in medieval sources, especially Latin; Latin-vernacular relations... Read more about Jan Ziolkowski

Boylston 216
p: 617.496.6062
Office Hours: Thursday 12:30–1:30 p.m.
Naomi Weiss

Naomi A. Weiss

Director of Undergraduate Studies (spring 2022)
On leave fall 2021
Gardner Cowles Associate Professor of the Humanities

Research Interests: archaic and classical Greek literature, especially drama (tragedy, comedy, satyr play); ancient Greek music, dance,...

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Boylston 214
p: 617.495.9623
Office Hours: DUS: Monday 1–3 p.m.; Teaching: Tuesday 12–1 p.m., Thursday 2–3 p.m.
Thomas, Richard F. 2012. “Thoughts on the Virgilian hexameter.” Multi nominis grammaticus. Festchrift for Alan J. Nussbaum, edited by Adam I Cooper, Jeremy Rau, and Michael Weiss, 306–314. Ann Arbor: Beech Stave Press.
Livingston, Ivy J. 2014. “Pro Cicerone: In Defense of Cicero in the Latin Classroom.” American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Program Abstract

This session presents a unit of study centered on the life and writings of Cicero, a pivotal figure in Roman history and one of the best-documented. Cicero’s life, intersecting with many of Rome’s best-known figures, provides a perfect point of access to many cultural themes, while engaging students with primary texts of undisputed virtuosity.

Weiss, Naomi A. 2012. “Recognition and Identity in Euripides' Ion .” Recognition and Modes of Knowledge: Anagnorisis from Antiquity to Contemporary Theory, edited by T Russo, 33–50. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press.