Study Abroad & Other Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  • Students at Argos
  • Students at Mycenae
  • Students at Palestrina
  • Students at the Parthenon with Prof. Mata Dova, photo by Ariane Cernius
  • Students at Olympia


Please see Harvard's Office of International Education for general information on study abroad, as well as listings of programs and important deadlines.

Students may earn credit not only for programs affiliated with the College, but also non-affiliated programs that are approved for credit. Lists of both affiliated and approved term-time and summer programs are maintained by the Office of International Education. Credit for programs that are not already approved may be granted by student petition to the Office of International Education.

The following are popular programs for students of the Classics:

Term-time programs for Undergraduates

Spring Break Trips

  • Undergraduate Classics Concentrators in the Classical Civilizations track take a course, Classical Studies 112: Regional Study, that involves a spring break trip as part of its curriculum. Currently, the destination of this course is Sicily.

Summer Internships

  • CHS Internship Program (Washington, DC)
    The Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) offers paid internships with housing for undergraduates in Publications, as well as Curricular Development and Programs. Please see the CHS website for more information.
  • Dumbarton Oaks Summer Interns (Washington, DC)
    The Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection also offers paid internships with housing for undergraduate and graduate students that involve work on a variety of institutional projects. Please see the Dumbarton Oaks website for more information.
  • Villa I Tatti Summer Internship Program (Florence, Italy)
    The primary goal of the internship is to allow Harvard undergraduate students to spend two months (June-July) at Villa I Tatti in Florence, Italy, to carry out a project that contributes to their academic development. Projects are developed together with staff members and could address any of the fields supported by I Tatti: architecture and the arts, history, philosophy, literature, music, and history of science. Priority will be given to rising juniors and seniors at Harvard College. Interns receive $5000 to offset the costs of transportation, room, and board, and enjoy all the privileges of the Harvard Center, including use of the Biblioteca Berenson and lunch from Monday through Friday.

Summer Programs

  • UC Berkeley maintains an informative website listing projects in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, and Greece.
  • The American School of Classical Studies in Athens Summer Sessions are six-week programs that provide an "intensive introduction to Greece from antiquity through the modern period." It is open to "North American graduate and advanced undergraduate students and to high school and college instructors of classics and related subjects."
  • American Academy in Rome Summer Programs:
    • Classical Summer School
    • The Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies Program in Manuscript Studies
    • Summer Skills Course in Archaeology
    • Winter School in Greek Paleography and Codicology
Please discuss questions of Classics concentration or secondary field credit for coursework taken abroad with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (