Teaching Fellowships

The Department of the Classics firmly believes that teaching is an essential part of a graduate education, and is fortunate to be able to offer each year a wide range of undergraduate teaching. Courses to be taught include, but are not limited to, introductory language courses, intensive language courses, intermediate literature courses, art historical courses, and courses offered through the General Education Program. Graduate students normally begin their teaching in their third year, and continue through their graduate career. Completion fellowships for the final year exempt graduate students from having to teach while they are finishing the dissertation.

Questionnaires are delivered to each graduate student in the late spring concerning their preferences for the next year's teaching assignments; completed forms are then returned to the Chair to help him or her make final teaching assignments. Students are encouraged to speak with their peers about potential course choices. Many large courses are taught in the General Education Curriculum; graduate students in the Department have often found gainful employment in the large and popular GenEd classes.