Administration and Staff

David Elmer

David Elmer

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Eliot Professor of Greek Literature

Research Interests: the Homeric poems, the Greek and Roman novels, South Slavic oral epic poetry, contemporary literary theory

Boylston 223
p: 617.495.4019
Office Hours: Thursday 1–2:30
Ivy Livingston

Ivy Livingston

Preceptor in Ancient Greek and Classical Latin
Publications Coordinator

Research Interests: Language pedagogy, especially the use of technology in both classroom and independent learning

Boylston 225
p: 617.496.0618
Office Hours: Wednesday 2–4
Alyson Lynch

Alyson Lynch

Graduate Coordinator

Contact for Course Catalog, Department Calendar, Graduate Programs, Room Scheduling, Website

204 Boylston Hall
p: 617.495.4120
Jeremy Rau

Jeremy Rau

Professor of Linguistics and of the Classics
Director of Graduate Studies

Research Interests: Greek and Latin historical linguistics; Homeric language; Indo-European languages and linguistics; Indo-Iranian linguistics...

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Boylston 314
p: 617.496.2318
Office Hours: Wednesday 1–2