Cultural Politics in Greece and Rome (GSAS Workshop, 2017–18)

This workshop is intended to foster discussion between students of all disciplines whose work relates to Greek and Roman antiquity. Discussion will focus specifically on the interface of culture and politics in the ancient world. Broadly construed, the theme of the workshop encompasses scholarship in social and institutional history, as well as philosophy, law and various forms of literature with a political application or dimension. Meetings will include conversations with Harvard students and faculty members regarding practical approaches to independent research, in addition to seminars with visiting speakers whose scholarship showcases the potential for innovative and interdisciplinary work in the field. Workshop participants will also be invited to present their own research. Graduate students of all departments and years with an interest in the classical world are warmly invited to attend.

Student Coordinators: Stephen Hughes ( and Suzanne Paszkowski (
Faculty Advisors: Emma Dench ( and Naomi Weiss (