Classics Ranked #2 in Student Satisfaction on Class of '17 Survey

August 29, 2017

Ranked #1 of all departments in the 2016 Senior Survey
(4.89 on a 5.0 scale)

Ranked #2 of all departments in the 2017 Senior Survey
(4.73 on a 5.0 scale)

Selection of student comments from the survey:
“Classics, in my mind, continues to provide the best undergraduate experience Harvard has to offer—engagement with world-class professors who will always make time for their advisees, small class sizes, a focus on the humanities, and a staggering amount of funding for research and study abroad, not to mention fostering a general sense of community through concentration events. Also, the fact that the Department lets undergraduates attend Faculty board meetings to offer input demonstrates how much they care about our feedback. Wouldn't imagine a better Harvard experience with any other department.”
“The Classics Department is simply wonderful. The faculty are both brilliant and accessible. The requirements felt substantial but never burdensome, and the concentration offered considerable flexibility. The additional money available within the department for travel and prizes is also extremely welcome. Surely one of the most student-friendly departments in the College.”
“I'm not sure if there's a department at Harvard more invested in its students than the Classics Department. The care and attention I have received in and out of class helped me come to enjoy my time here, and have without question helped drive me to continue my study of the Classics at higher levels.”