Alex Chen

Alex Chen

AB from Harvard College '13
JD from Harvard Law School '17
Alex Chen

Alexander Chan graduated from Harvard College in 2013 with a secondary field in the Classics. After graduating, he worked for one year in investment banking before returning to Cambridge to attend Harvard Law School, from which he graduated magna cum laude in 2017.He will soon start clerking for a federal judge for one year before joining Ropes & Gray, a law firm founded in Boston more than 150 years ago.


"I developed a strong interest in the Classics after taking the course “The Roman Games” for my Culture and Belief general education requirement. The material was so fascinating that afterwards I took seven more courses in the Classics department, focusing on Roman history. Although I was an economics concentrator, in retrospect I wish I had pursued a joint degree in the Classics and History.

      The biggest advantage that the humanities departments have is smaller class sizes, which allows professors to spend a significant amount of time interacting with their students. Faculty members in the Classics Department, who I had the privilege of studying under, often go above and beyond in helping their students succeed.

In recent years, many have claimed that liberal arts graduates face difficulty finding well-paying jobs. However, the vast majority of career opportunities are open to students who study the Classics or other humanities fields at Harvard. Employers are much more interested in a candidate’s personality fit and ability to think substantively than in his or her academic concentration.

Therefore, my general advice to undergraduates is this: you have one chance at Harvard College, so explore your true academic interests during your time here. Great careers and graduate schools are always open to Harvard students."

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