Paul Kosmin Receives Goodwin Award of Merit

September 10, 2020

Professor Paul Kosmin has been awarded the 2020 Goodwin Award of Merit from the Society for Classical Studies for his book, Time and its Adversaries in the Seleucid Empire (Harvard University Press, 2018).

The Goodwin Committee’s full award citation on the SCS website judges this groundbreaking book to have “the feel of an instant classic that will be cited and emulated for years to come, as much for its methods as for its findings.”

Since the inception of the Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit in 1951, it has been awarded to seven other members of the Department of the Classics at Harvard: Cedric Whitman (1952) for Sophocles: A Study of Heroic Humanism; D. R. Shackleton Bailey (1978) for his edition, with commentary, of Cicero’s Epistulae ad Familiares; Emily Vermeuele (1980) for Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry; John Finley (1981) for Homer’s Odyssey; Gregory Nagy (1982) for The Best of the Achaeans; Calvert Watkins (1998) for How to Kill a Dragon; and Richard Tarrant (2013) for his edition, with commentary, of Virgil, Aeneid XII (see the SCS List of Previous Goodwin Award Winners).

Congratulations to Professor Kosmin for joining this list of authors whose books have had a profound influence on the field of Classics!

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