Graduate student workshop: "Territories of Empire: Transition, Function, and Atrophy"

September 9, 2014

The wildly popular graduate workshop “Discovery of the Classical World” has been renamed and refocused as it enters its third year. Under the continuing supervision of faculty advisors Prof. Adrian Stähli and Prof. Paul Kosmin, and shepherded by graduate student coordinators Charles Bartlett and Anthony Shannon, “Territories of Empire: Transition, Function, and Atrophy” will explore how empires understand their territories. We will study empires’ responses to changes in the physical extent of their territories, their conceptualization or even mythologizing of their territories, and their reactions, or failures to react, to new challenges within and beyond their borders. We will venture far outside the traditional confines of the ancient Mediterranean, and will continually test our ideas in new and exciting historical situations. We hope you will join us!