Congratulations, PhD recipients!

May 27, 2020

Congratulations to our PhD recipients! They will be featured in the Commencement issue of Nota Bene (coming soon!) Below are our graduates and the titles of their dissertations.

Massimo Cè, Classical Philology, “From mēnis to ira: Ancient Translators of Homer”

Eliza Gettel, Ancient History, “Between Federation and Empire: The koina of the imperial Greek mainland, 1st to 3rd century CE”

David Hansen, Modern Greek, “Visions of Statesmanship: A Statesman's Imagination and Autonomy”

Keating McKeon, Classical Philology, “Despotic Nostalgias: Classical Athens and the Autocratic Return”

James Taylor, Classical Philology, “Plumbing the Depths: Geological Processes, Deep Time, and the Shaping of Landscapes in Classical Literature”

James Zainaldin, Classical Philosophy, “Roman Technē: The Growth and Structure of the Artes in the Early Roman Empire”