Classical Continuum: a new open access publication

October 28, 2021

The Classics Department announces the launch of a new publication, Classical Continuum, an open-access, rapid publication platform for new research on classical civilizations. Classical Continuum embraces a notion of the "classical" that includes not just the texts and monuments of Ancient Greece and Rome, but also those of the cultures associated with Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Chinese, Mayan, and many other languages. Readers can begin exploring the publication at the Classical Continuum website.

Sponsored by Harvard’s Classics Department, Classical Continuum accepts contributions from all scholars engaged in the study of classical civilizations, broadly defined. By agreement with Harvard’s Office of Scholarly Communications, all published essays are archived in Harvard’s DASH repository. As an open-access publication, Classical Continuum is available freely and without obstacle to any reader with access to the internet. It is published on a platform developed and maintained by the New Alexandria Foundation.

Classical Continuum graphic