Bok Center Teaching Awards for Spring 2019

November 6, 2019

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning has announced the receipients of their Spring 2019 teaching awards. The Harvard Certificate of Distinction in Teaching is awarded to outstanding Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants, and the Harvard Certificate of Teaching Excellence goes to outstanding Lecturers, College Fellows, and Preceptors. Below are the recipients from Classics. Congratulations to all!

Teaching Fellow Course(s)
Nadav Asraf Latin 10. Introduction to Latin Literature
Supratik Baralay Culture and Belief 35. Classical Mythology
Stephen Hughes Greek K. Advanced Greek Prose Composition
Julia Judge Classical Studies 112. Regional Study: Sicily
Suzanne Paszkowski

Culture and Belief 35. Classical Mythology,
Greek 115. Homer: The Odyssey

Alexandra Schultz Latin 112a. History of Latin Literature I
Alexander Schwennicke Greek 2. Introductory Ancient Greek 2
Hannelore Segers Latin 1x. Accelerated Introductory Latin 1
Anthony Shannon Culture and Belief 35. Classical Mythology, US-World 34. Civil War: Turner-Birth Nation
Stephen Shennan Culture and Belief 35. Classical Mythology
Felipe Soza Classical Studies 97b. Introduction to Ancient Roman World,
Culture and Belief 35. Classical Mythology
Instructor Course
Carmen Arnold-Biucchi Classical Archaeology 183. Money and Coins in Ancient World
Calliope Dourou Modern Greek Ab. Elementary Modern Greek
Brigitte Libby Culture and Belief 35. Classical Mythology
Ivy Livingston  Latin 2. Introductory Latin 2
Gregory Mellen  Latin 122. Horace, Odes