Fellowships for Graduate Students

In addition to the financial aid allocated annually by the Department through the Graduate School's Office of Financial Aid, there are many fellowships, both internal and external, for travel and research for which graduate students can compete. Information about many of these fellowships and their deadlines has been compiled by the Graduate School into two books issued annually which are available in the Graduate Lounge. Notices and flyers sent to us by the Graduate School and outside agencies are posted on the Department bulletin boards. See also the website of the Fellowships Office.

GSAS fellowships

The following Graduate School scholarships and fellowships are reserved in whole or in part for graduate students of the Classics:

  • George Henry Chase
  • Arthur Deloraine Corey
  • Charles Haven Goodwin
  • William Watson Goodwin
  • Albert and Anna Howard
  • Francis Jones
  • Loeb Classical Library Foundation
  • Joseph Benjamin Moors
  • Charles Eliot Norton Fellowship
  • William King Richardson
  • Fred N. Robinson
  • Paul Shorey
  • Teschemacher Memorial

Dissertation completion fellowship

GSAS grants and post-doctoral fellowships databases

Other Harvard fellowships

Dumbarton Oaks Junior and Summer Fellowships

Fellowships for Undergraduates

Please see the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships for more information about fellowships for undergraduates.