Current Faculty

Alexander Riehle

Alexander Riehle

Assistant Professor of the Classics

Research Interests: Byzantine literature, especially rhetoric and epistolography; sociology of literature; textual criticism and editorial theory

Boylston 226
p: 617.496.0970
Office Hours: By appointment.
Mark Schiefsky

Mark Schiefsky

Director of Graduate Studies
C. Lois P. Grove Professor of the Classics

Research Interests: the history of ancient philosophy and science, especially medicine and mechanics

Boylston 227
p: 617.495.9301
Office Hours: By appointment
Naomi Weiss

Naomi A. Weiss

Gardner Cowles Associate Professor of the Humanities
On leave spring 2021

Research Interests: Greek tragedy, comedy, satyr play, dithyramb; ancient Greek music and dance; archaic lyric

p: 617.495.9623
Office Hours: Tuesday 12–2
Jan Ziolkowski

Jan Ziolkowski

Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Medieval Latin
On leave 2020–21

Research Interests: Medieval literature, especially narrative and Latin; education (grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic), poetics, and literary criticism and theory in the Middle Ages; folktales and popular culture in medieval sources, especially Latin; Latin-vernacular relations... Read more about Jan Ziolkowski

Boylston 216
p: 617.496.6062
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