Administration 2016–17


Kathleen M. Coleman

Kathleen M. Coleman

Director of Undergraduate Studies
James Loeb Professor of the Classics
Senior Research Curator, Harvard Art Museums

Research Interests: Latin literature, especially Flavian poetry; history and culture of the early Empire; arena spectacles; Roman punishment; Latin… Read more about Kathleen M. Coleman

Boylston G-23
p: 617.495.2024 and 617.495.9301
Office Hours: Tuesday 10–11 and Thursday 11–12. Sign up:
Emma Dench

Emma Dench

Director of Graduate Studies
McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History and of the Classics

Research Interests: Roman Republican and early Imperial history; questions of identity in the ancient world; Roman imperialism;… Read more about Emma Dench

FAS: Boylston 224
p: FAS: 617.496.1956
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1–2.
Ivy Livingston

Ivy Livingston

Preceptor in Ancient Greek and Classical Latin
Publications Coordinator

Research Interests: Language pedagogy, especially the use of technology in both classroom and independent learning

Boylston 225
p: 617.496.0618