Emma Dench

New Approaches to Ancient Evidence (Mahindra Humanities Center Interdisciplinary Graduate Workshop)

This workshop is intended to foster discussion between students of all disciplines whose work relates to Greek and Roman antiquity. Discussion will focus upon theoretical frameworks whose promise extends to a broad variety of research projects incorporating literary, epigraphic, archaeological, and/or numismatic evidence from the ancient Mediterranean.

Dench, Emma. 2003. “Domination.” Cambridge Illustrated History of the Roman World, edited by G Woolf, 108-137. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 108-137.
Romulus' Asylum: Roman Identities from the Age of Alexander to the Age of Hadrian
Dench, Emma. 2005. Romulus' Asylum: Roman Identities from the Age of Alexander to the Age of Hadrian. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Modern treatments of Rome have projected in highly emotive terms the perceived problems, or the aspirations, of the present: 'race-mixture' has been blamed for the collapse of the Roman empire; more recently, Rome and Roman society have been depicted as 'multicultural'. Moving beyond these and beyond more traditional, juridical approaches to Roman identity, Emma Dench focuses on ancient modes of thinking about selves and relationships with other peoples, including descent-myths, history, and ethnographies. She explores the relative importance of sometimes closely interconnected categories of blood descent, language, culture and clothes, and territoriality. Rome's creation of a distinctive imperial shape is understood in the context of the broader ancient Mediterranean world within which the Romans self-consciously situated themselves, and whose modes of thought they appropriated and transformed.

Professor Wins Mendelsohn Mentoring Award!

June 25, 2015

We are delighted to announce that our own Professor Emma Dench has won the Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Award from the Graduate Student Council. Congratulations on this richly deserved distinction!